Inbetween point A and B


Αθήνα - Χαλκίδα
vstrom dl650

To start off 2015, a new poetic installment, this time answering the question: why would you travel by motorbike?


So why do people travel
on a motorbike as such
as it isn’t really practical
and you cannot bring as much

it hasn’t got the comforts
the other transports have
your limbs will soon stop working
and the wind will make you deaf

and then there’s the danger
of peeps not seeing you
of coming to a junction
just being overlooked

or what about the weather
that can surely be a pain
whether it’s the freezing winds
or being soaked by rain

But you know,
I’m just not given to those bus trips
or traveling by plane
I loathe the ‘all-inclusive’
and think check-ins are insane

I can’t stay in the same spot
for longer than a day
and when I get to posh hotels
I feel strangely out of place

It’s not about arriving
it’s what you will have seen
when you ignore A and B
and see what’s inbetween

but the best reason to go by bike
is as simple as can be
You don’t do it for anything
but being absolutely free


The Hekla Project is the plan of getting to Mount Hekla on Iceland in 2015. As training I will circle the Baltic Sea in 2014, crossing 10 countries in the process. Thousands of miles, two wheels and thirteen reasons - see for the full story, route, backgrounds and updates!
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